Gregg M. from Lemont, IL was having trouble chewing without pain. He made an appointment with Molis Dental in South Holland, IL. After viewing the X-Rays and a performing a complete examination, Dr. Ryan Molis found a cavity in the tooth under one of Gregg’s crowns that also served as the base of a 3-tooth bridge. Dr. Ryan removed the bridge and performed a Root Canal on the tooth. However, due to the narrow passages in the canals of the root, Dr. Molis recommended a “Deep” Root Canal to be performed by an Endodontist associate of his.

Upon further examination by the Endodontist, they discovered that the tooth had a hairline crack deep at the root and would need to be extracted. Dr. Molis referred Gregg to an Oral Surgeon associate of his to extract the tooth and insert an Implant. After the Implant was inserted, Dr. Molis completed the procedure by installing two new crowns with a new 3-tooth bridge.
The entire process could have been extremely stressful and emotionally draining for Gregg if not for the counselling provided by Dr. Molis. He explained the problem and what needed to be done step-by-step and reassured Gregg that it would turn out okay in the end.

After the 3-tooth bridge was completed, Gregg received compliments from his family & friends, many of them saying that the new bridge looked like his natural teeth. Now Gregg is chewing without pain and enjoying the look of his new teeth. In Gregg’s eyes, Dr. Molis was the best dentist, counselor, and friend throughout the entire process.