The Easter holiday is a time when candy is a popular gift. Are you worried about your teeth when eating Easter candy? You don’t have to! Let’s look at the best and worst candy options for your teeth so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and keep them healthy.

A list of candy to avoid

The truth is that not all candy is the same. Some candy can damage your teeth more than others. Despite the fact that candy isn’t considered a health food, knowing which candy is less impactful to your dental health can help you make healthier choices when eating Easter candy.

The chewier and stickier a candy is, the more it sticks around on the surfaces of your teeth long after you’ve eaten it, leaving a sugary residue.

Additionally, sour candy is acidic in addition to being sugary, which can lead to more erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

Candy that takes a longer time to eat, such as suckers or jawbreakers, can also be tough on your teeth, because they remain in contact with sugar for a longer period of time.

Alternatives that are safer

Chocolate is one of the most popular Easter candies and is also one of the safest candy options for your teeth! Chocolate melts in your mouth and is easy to wash away, so it doesn’t leave a residue as much as other types of candy. As chocolate also contains compounds that harden your tooth enamel, you may be able to prevent cavities with it.

Keeping in mind that milk chocolates and other sweetened varieties contain high levels of sugar, dark varieties are recommended, and all chocolate should be consumed in moderation.

Sugar-free candy is also a great option, since sugar is the leading cause of cavities in teeth. Sugar-free varieties come in a variety of flavors and textures.

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