Advantages of permanent teeth

If you lack perfect teeth, there are many ways to replace the adult teeth that are not present. One option is dental implants, which ensures quality prosthetic permanent teeth.

Dental implants allow you to do everything you did with your natural teeth with full comfort and confidence.

Permanent teeth can be created by using a dental implant to anchor the tooth. There is no comparison to this method of treatment given the strength and longevity of such implants.

Permanent Teeth look Natural

Compared to dental work or dentures, implants are more comfortable and natural. Your new teeth won’t hurt your gums or make it difficult to speak, just like with real teeth.

Now, as an adult, you can replace your lost teeth with permanent teeth and fill gaps with implants.

Permanent Teeth are Good For You

Dental implants allow for a carefree life, where you can chew your food and massage your gums at the same time. They are also better for your jawbone, reducing any muscle shrinking or shape changes. Permanent teeth are the healthiest tooth replacement one can choose.

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Dr. Ryan Molis of Molis Dental in Burr Ridge, IL has been improving people’s lives and lifestyle with permanent teeth over implants for 20 years.

It’s important to know that who you choose for a dentist for your permanent teeth implants is someone who is caring, gentle and an a trusted professional in the field.

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