As Invisalign continues to revolutionize the orthodontic landscape, general practitioners (GPs) are increasingly eager to offer this cutting-edge treatment to their patients. However, mastering Invisalign can be a challenge for GPs who have limited experience in orthodontics. That’s where Molis Coaching Essentials comes in, providing a valuable learning platform for dental professionals seeking to excel in clear aligner therapy. In a recent article published in Dental Economics, author Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD, highlights the effectiveness and convenience of Molis Coaching Essentials for general practitioners.

Molis Coaching, founded by Dr. Ryan Molis, a Diamond-level Invisalign provider, is an online platform designed to help general practitioners achieve success with Invisalign treatments. The Essentials program offers a series of video modules that can be watched at your convenience, covering a comprehensive range of topics, such as goal-setting, marketing, case selection, ClinChecks, attachments, IPR, and fundamental aligner physics. This all-inclusive program empowers dental professionals to become proficient with clear aligners on their own schedule.

Austin praises the high-quality production, brevity, and digestibility of the videos hosted by Dr. Molis. Many videos concentrate on a single concept, making them perfect for quick viewing between patient appointments or during lunch breaks. The easy accessibility of the course material makes Molis Coaching Essentials the ideal learning solution for busy dental professionals.

What sets Molis Coaching apart is Dr. Molis’s honesty and authenticity in sharing his experiences and insights. The program also provides additional resources such as a supportive Facebook community, courses for dental teams, ClinCheck support, and a Mastermind group.

For general practitioners looking to elevate their Invisalign treatment skills, Molis Coaching Essentials is the ultimate choice. As Austin points out, Dr. Molis’s systematic approach and user-friendly platform make this educational resource the perfect opportunity to explore during your downtime in the practice.

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