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At Molis Dental we love to make you smile.  In fact, every smile we help to create is like our signature.  The better you look and feel, the better we look and feel.  We become a friend to your family.

We know how busy life can be, so we’ve included evening and Saturday hours for your convenience.  We also understand that life can be expensive, so we accept insurance assignment and provide convenient monthly payment options to fit any budget.

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Dr. Ryan Molis is the #1 Invisalign® Provider in the World!

Ryan began his dentistry career part time at two different practices in two very different communities in the Chicago area. He became an early adopter of Invisalign treatment and immersed himself in learning all he could.

He attended dozens of conferences, spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing packages, and endured endless trial end error to determine what worked (and what didn’t).

He saw first-hand the costs, challenges, and inefficiencies of decentralized Invisalign education.

He also learned from it.

His early start and deep commitment to providing Invisalign treatment positioned him to exponentially scale the growth of his practices over time. Eventually, he purchased both practices where he got his start, seamlessly growing the general dentistry and Invisalign offerings of both, and continually refining what worked and eliminating what didn’t. Patterns emerged and a single, simplified system developed.

Invisalign revenue quickly became over half of the revenue of both practices, and became the most exciting – and lucrative – part of the daily experiences of his practices, his team, and his life.

After nearly 20 years of unparalleled success, Ryan was repeatedly asked, and eventually inspired, to help other general dentists avoid the inefficiency of confusing and conflicting approaches, wasted time and money on ineffective marketing, and completely avoidable trial and error.

Knowing first-hand the positive impact of a single, simple, easy-to-integrate Invisalign system in a general dentistry practice, Ryan sought to help others do the same, and Molis Coaching was born.

In a recent interview, Dr. Molis said “Invisalign® is a clear choice to braces. Our patients acquire the smile they want without a mouth full of metal. What I like most about Invisalign® is that it is gentler to gum tissue and more comfortable than traditional braces.”  Other dentists may offer Invisalign but, as with any medical treatment, the experience of the doctor makes a tremendous difference.

Dr. Molis is one of only 6 doctors to serve on the Invisalign Development Panel.

Align Leadership

2015 – Began consulting with Align Technology to evaluate plastics

2016 – Part of multiple pilot programs to develop and advance Invisalign ClinCheck® software

2017 to current – Retained consultant with Align Technology

2018 – Pilot program participant, including Itero® Scanner and ClinCheck software

2018 to current – Key Opinion Leader for Align Technology

2019 – Invisalign GP Summit Case Shootout, recognized with one of top-2 cases in North America

2019 to current – Working with Align Technology to actively explore how we leverage technology to drive continuous innovation and enhance a doctor’s treatment planning experience

2022 – Keynote speaker for Align Technology’s National Sales Kick Off Meeting

Dr. Ryan Molis is a member in good standing with…