As opposed to being a disease itself, dry mouth syndrome is usually caused by illnesses or medications used to treat illnesses.

Dry mouth syndrome symptoms

The most common cause of dry mouth syndrome can be medications prescribed for the treatment of disease. You may experience dry mouth if you take medications for blood pressure, diabetes, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory or antidepressant medications. As a result of medications, the salivary glands are greatly effected, making it difficult for the mouth to stay moisturized naturally.

In addition to medical treatments that can cause dry mouth syndrome, radiation therapy, particularly in the head or neck, can also affect your salivary glands. Radiation therapy may not affect the salivary glands after completion, but it can cause great discomfort during and after treatment.

The importance of preventing dry mouth syndrome

You should prevent dry mouth syndrome to maintain good oral health. Dry mouth syndrome, if left untreated, will allow bacteria to collect in your mouth. Oral bacteria can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and other more serious diseases.

In addition, dry mouth can cause denture wearers to have difficulty wearing their dentures. The gums will become sore due to the lack of saliva, causing dentures to rub against the irritated gums.

Dry mouth syndrome also causes difficulty chewing, swallowing, sore throats, and bad breath.

Other preventative or helpful treatments are available through your dentist. Drinking plenty of water is the most common preventative measure.

Consult your Molis Dental about Dry Mouth Syndrome

A dentist should be consulted if you experience any symptoms of dry mouth syndrome.

Having dry mouth syndrome can cause embarrassing bad breath and can be very uncomfortable, which is why Molis Dental can treat patients located in the Chicago-area for this condition.

Molis Dental helps patients with dry mouth live a much more comfortable life than they thought possible.

If you suffer from dry mouth syndrome, call Molis Dental today.

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