Permanent Teeth Replacement Solutions

When you shop for a big ticket item like a car, a house or any other personal investment, you make comparisons. Comparisons are the only way to make an informed decision. This is also true when choosing permanent teeth over implants.  The differences may surprise you.

Permanent Teeth over Implants — What’s the Difference

It’s difficult to account for the personal choices people make, but when you have loose or missing teeth, “permanence” is probably the best option you can hear!

Various types of dental implants are on the market.  One option is individually implanted teeth; those with each tooth having their own individual post implanted into the jaw.  This system is the optimum when replicating the natural tooth system of each tooth having its own strong root.

Then there are full-set permanent teeth over implants whereby plates of teeth are fastened to a number of posts in the upper and lower parts of the jaw.  This is where very important differences can occur.

When choosing full mouth tooth replacement, there are differences in how the permanent prosthesis is attached.  Let’s clarify.  If you have a permanent arch of teeth attached to a maximum of 4 implant studs, the failure of one stud can cause the entire system to fail.  Your permanent teeth are no longer permanent!

On the other hand, a prosthesis that offers 6 studs on the top arch and 5 studs on the bottom arch means no chance of the system failing.  Your permanent teeth will surely be permanent.  No need to get permanent prosthesis replaced again and again.  The old adage that applies here is “strength in numbers”.  Do the math!  If you were hanging from a cliff, would you want 4 people hoisting you or 11?  The choice is clear!

Start with Molis Dental

For full mouth permanent teeth replacement, Molis Dental is definitely the right choice!

Dr. Ryan Molis has been using his permanent tooth replacement method for years in the Chicagoland.  Dr. Molis takes a personal stake in the success of your permanent teeth over implants.  He and his staff know the importance of secure tooth replacement for your overall feeling of comfort and security in your daily life.

If you need full mouth permanent teeth and are considering dental implants, do your homework.  The benefits of getting it right the first time are long term.  Choosing to go the “rush route” can be hasty and costly in the long run.

Make the right choice today and visit Molis Dental.  You’ll be glad you did!