Worn-out Toothbrush Bristles

When you first use a new toothbrush, you can instantly feel the value of its bristles.  They hold their shape against your teeth and feel good when brushing.  Overtime however, the bristles of the brush break down over wear and tear and soon, without notice, you have a flattened bristle that is not cleaning your teeth.  Best practice is to change out your brush every three months.

Toothbrush Germs

After brushing, it’s best to rinse your brush with tap water, store upright and keep away from areas that carry more airborne germs, like toilets.

Mouthwash is not just great for rinsing your mouth but soak your toothbrush in mouthwash once a week to keep germ content down.  Drying the brush properly is most important.  If it’s left moist or bristles down in a dark storage container, it will surely become a germ factory.

Toothbrush Supply

You should keep a backup toothbrush on hand at all times.  Aside from normal wear and tear, some of us drop a brush into the most unhealthy places.  That demands immediate disposal and the ability to reach into your drawer for a fresh, new brush.

When purchasing toothbrushes, make sure to buy those labeled ‘Soft’.  These are gentler on your gums yet very effective in cleaning the teeth.

If you are considering an electric toothbrush, ask your hygienist on your next visit to recommend which they think is best.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

You should have your teeth cleaned professionally at least twice annually.  Remember, you always get a complimentary toothbrush for your visit.  And, it doesn’t hurt to have your hygienist review proper brushing techniques with you.  Many of us tend to fall back into our natural habit of brushing in a sawing motion.  Proper brushing is important to the overall effectiveness of your toothbrush.

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