Carl M. from South Holland, IL enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. After playing through High School and College, he has continued to play in adult Intramural leagues. Recently, while playing a game in the league he was accidentally elbowed in the mouth and broke two of his front teeth.

He Googled “dentists in South Holland, IL” and found Molis Dental at the top of the Search and called. To his amazement, he learned that Dr. Ryan Molis treats “same day” emergencies and scheduled an appointment within a few hours from of his phone call.

After performing an exam and x-rays, Dr. Ryan suggested that he could repair his front teeth with tooth-colored Composites. Dr. Ryan sat down with Carl and explained the procedure in detail and made sure that he knew exactly what to expect. He proceeded with the procedure and completed it the same day.

Carl left the office with his front teeth intact and his family couldn’t tell that they were ever chipped. He had shared his relief with his friends and family members and has referred all of them to Molis Dental.

Another happy patient of Molis Dental!