The Benefits of Dental Implants

If you’re considering your options for tooth replacement for loose or missing teeth, think about dental implants and the benefits of permanent tooth replacement.

Dental Implants vs. Alternatives

There is no alternative that matches a natural tooth in perfect fit, stability and strength with the look and feel of a natural teeth like that of the dental implant.

Other alternative methods for tooth replacement are not permanent solutions. Dental implants benefit you because they are permanently implanted into the jaw and will allow you to chew, floss and brush as you would your natural teeth.

No other tooth replacement method offers this permanent solution with a lifetime of benefits.

Dental Implants Benefit Facial Structure

Dental implants keep you looking good. Did you know — dental implants keep the face from sagging and losing muscle. When empty spaces remain in the mouth, other teeth shift and facial muscles drag, making the face look drawn and sad. In addition to the difference in facial structure, the jawbone weakens with prolonged loss of teeth and only immediate replacement with a dental implant can prevent loss of structure in the jaw.

Dental Implants for Personal and Professional Life

We all know how embarrassing it can be to have missing teeth. We cannot smile; we are unable to chew properly and the possibility of loose teeth falling out in public is a reality.

Whether you’re looking forward to gatherings with family and friends or have to be at work, it’s always best to have a healthy smile to reflect how you care for yourself. A smile that is lacking care indicates you may not care for yourself overall.

Don’t allow poor oral health cast an image for you overall.

At Molis Dental, people have been experiencing the dental implant benefit to alternative tooth replacement for many years.  Molis Dental has been restoring smiles for over thirty years and giving people the sparkling, beautiful and permanent smile they desire.

Molis Dental is a leader in dental implants for the Burr Ridge and South Holland locations. Call Molis Dental today and experience the benefits of dental implants for your life today!