If you have heart disease or have had a stroke it is imperative to inform your oral health care provider of your condition.

Heart Disease

If you are a patient with heart disease, you are most likely prescribed anticoagulant medications. If you are taking these types of medications, it is important to notify your oral health care provider due to the danger of excessive bleeding during a procedure.

If you have experienced heart failure and are prescribed diuretics, note that these medications will cause dry mouth. Dry mouth can lead to growing bacteria in the mouth which can enter the body. Your Molis Dental professional offers the most advanced solutions for dry mouth. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about dry mouth treatment with the team at Molis Dental.

Stroke from Heart Disease

If heart disease has caused a stroke, there are many factors to consider in your continuing yet changing pattern of oral health care.

A stroke can affect the use of your dominant arm, your tongue, face muscles and saliva producing glands Molis Dental can teach you how to care for your oral health with modifications for brushing or flossing your teeth.

If you had a stroke because of heart disease and were a denture wearer, Molis Dental will be able to advise you when you may be able to be refitted for dentures or consider dental implants. Stroke can cause changes in the facial bone structure, so it is important to seek this professional advice when it involves dental prosthetic.

Heart Disease and Gum Disease

It has long been suspected by researchers that gum disease may contribute to heart disease. The theory is that because gum disease is bred through bacteria, the bacteria that enters the body from the mouth damages blood vessels causing heart disease. The research continues to go on to find a true connection to this theory.

As it seems more logical than not, gum disease should not be ignored. If your gums are sensitive, bleeding or swollen take immediate action by contacting Molis Dental. We specialize in adult dentistry and can determine how serious a problem you may have through a thorough examination.

Oral Care Pointers for Heart Disease Patients

  • If you have heart disease or suspect you may have heart disease, discuss your concerns with your dentist and see a heart specialist.
  • If you are confirmed to be a sufferer of heart disease, ask your dentist to confer with your heart specialist before treatment so they may decide the best treatment for you.
  • Make it a point to provide your dentist with all the contact information for your heart specialist.
  • Prepare a list of all your medications before your visit with an oral health care professional. This will ensure that your dentist is completely familiar with your medications and the side effects they may have on your oral health.
  • Seek oral health care with a true and trusted professional in your area.

Molis Dental is your solution to advanced adult dental care for patients with heart disease.

Contact Molis Dental today for an extensive and thorough examination and feel the comfort that comes with being cared for by true professionals.