Roots can show when your gums start to recede. They can be caused by improper or rigorous brushing, or gum disease. Brushing your teeth too hard can also lead to cavities on the roots of your teeth. This is most common in older adults.

Discover how cavities in roots affect the rest of the body

Roots are not protected by enamel, which is why they break down more quickly than our teeth.

When infections from root canals spread like rapidly spreading infections, it causes discomfort. If the cavity is large, then the pain can get so severe so that the tooth will fall out leaving only the rotted root.

Older Adults more likely to experience root decay

How to know if your oral health is at risk from an increased age

Dental health is important at any stage of life, but after a person has reached an older age and has developed certain diseases, their oral health can actually get worse. Medications or treatments related to these diseases can also cause gum disease through dry mouth which contributes to root decay.

It is not uncommon for people with arthritis or stroke to neglect their oral health. They are often unaware that food gets stuck in between their teeth, which leads to tooth decay and loss.

Tooth loss causes a person to eat softer foods that can make their jaw bone deteriorate.

You Can Have Healthy Teeth Without Chemicals and Hydrocarbons

You may have had unhealthy habits in the past, but it is time to change your oral health around.

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To keep your teeth healthy, check in on them with a periodic dental check-up. If you have tooth pain or have already lost your teeth, get treatment before the root cavities destroy your tooth and gum health.

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