Tyrone H. from Harvey, IL had tremendous anxiety with making regular Dental exams.  He has had sensitive teeth and gums for most of his life and dreaded the thought of seeing a Dentist.  He made an appointment with Molis Dental in South Holland, IL after having waited almost 10 years since his last exam.   After viewing the X-Rays and a performing a complete examination, Dr. Ryan Molis found a number of cavities along with the need for a thorough Teeth Cleaning.

Dr. Molis and the Staci, the hygienist, immediately made Tyrone feel comfortable and relaxed by explaining exactly what needed to be done and describing the treatment step-by-step, and answering any questions he had.

Dr. Molis filled all of the cavities and Staci performed the Teeth Cleaning.  Tyrone was amazed how painless the procedure was and said that had he known how smoothly it be, he would not have waited so long to make an appointment.

Tyrone scheduled follow-up appointments every 3 months with Staci for scaling and root planning on 4 quadrants and vowed to follow a better regiment of Dental Hygiene.   He also elected to have Dr. Molis perform Invisalign treatments to straighten his teeth after all the work is done.

With the professional consultation by Dr. Molis & Staci, and the relaxed atmosphere of Molis Dental, Tyrone is has overcome his anxiety and looks forward to future visits and healthy teeth.