Sinus Headache or Tooth Infection?

How Teeth Can Affect Your Sinuses Have you ever experienced a sinus infection that, after subsiding, leaves your teeth aching? Tooth infection is known to cause 10% of all sinus infections. The location of the first maxillary molar to the maxillary sinus is usually one of the major causes of sinus infection resulting [...]

Did You Know? Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health Good Nutrition and Good Smiles Go Hand-in-Hand!

Eating healthy is not only good for your body but it can also improve your oral health? Eating healthy cannot only help to prevent cavities and keep your teeth whiter.  Cavities, many times are a result of what we eat and the frequency of eating those foods. Good Oral Health is a Must [...]

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How Dr. Ryan Molis reopened his practice and kept his Invisalign patients going strong

How Dr. Ryan Molis reopened his practice and kept his Invisalign patients going strong By Kevin Henry, editor in chief   May 21, 2020 -- When I last interviewed Ryan Molis, DDS, we talked at length about his dental practice and booming Invisalign business. Of course, our world has changed a great deal since that late [...]

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Molis Receives 2019 Invisalign GP Summit Case Shootout Award

The 2019 Invisalign GP Summit Shootout is a live case presentation event sponsored by Align Technology. The program features Invisalign treatment outcomes submitted by GP doctors in North America (US and Canada). Doctors with the highest voted treatment outcomes in each of the four Summit Shootout theme categories will be invited to present [...]

Happy With New Smile

Meldo M. form Hazelcrest, IL knew he needed extensive dental work done but had put it off for years. A friend of his referred him to Dr. Ryan Molis in South Holland, IL. Meldo finally gave in and called Molis Dental for an appointment. After performing a routine exam and x-rays, Dr. Ryan recommend [...]

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Same Day Dental Emergency

Carl M. from South Holland, IL enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. After playing through High School and College, he has continued to play in adult Intramural leagues. Recently, while playing a game in the league he was accidentally elbowed in the mouth and broke two of his front teeth. He Googled “dentists [...]

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Gleaming Smile with Dentures

Patrick H. from Chicago, IL has been avoiding the dentist for many years. His fear of dentists and the expense has been keeping him away, even though he knew he needed extensive dental work done. A friend of his referred him to Dr. Ryan Molis in South Holland, IL. He told Patrick that Dr. Ryan [...]

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Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

It has been 10 years since Brian N. from Lockport, IL has been to the Dentist.  He has always had a fear of the dentist and had an acute sensitivity in his teeth.  He realized that he needed to have some dental work done and couldn’t put it off any longer, and called Molis [...]

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